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16 days.

So the visa application and all the drama included in it has been sent off. Now I get to sit here a wait.

wait wait wait for 16 days.

Here’s a picture of the residence hall I’ll be living in. Ahhhh, in a single room! YES! =]

step pyramid accommodation. wooo!

step pyramid accommodation. wooo!

So that’s all I have for you. I’m bored and still in Californiaaa….yay for the handful of people who haven’t left for school either!

Oh golly.

So I’m not exactly in England yet. Yes, I know.

Aaaaand I’m not exactly transatlantic yet. Yes, I know.

But…my sister Kelly had this fantasmic idea for me to start a blog for when I’m in England to kinda help keep in touch with my friends over here. I thought this idea was so fantasmic that I had to go off to wordpress and make the blog the same day. So here I am, in California, getting this whole thing on its feet. That said, you get to enter in after most of the horribly official stuff has been sorted out and now we’re almost to the point where I just get to sit at home, stoked for England, sadly watching most of my friends head off to their own sophomore adventures. Which, luckily for them do not include a ten hour flight and a six hour layover.

Okay. So. There’s still a bit of official business to attend to, and that business would start tomorrow. Tomorrow is Step Two of the visa-getting process. I get to drive down to west sac and have my “biometric data” (snaps for humorously unnecessary scientific terminology) recorded to match up with my paper application. My paper application, which, I’ll have you know, asked me really subtle questions like “Are you a terrorist?” Anyway. Basically, I bring in my passport photo and get my fingerprints scanned. Party party!

After I do the biometric business (that’s what I’ve decided to call it), I just mail off my application and hopefully that’s the last of the red tape. That would be incredibly awesome. I would love to worry about nothing more than hanging out with my friends and being stoked for school for the next 23 days. Love love love.


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photo cred to myself and Maggie J. Moxie