AHH! Return from the abyss!

And for those of you that don’t know, the abyss would be what life is when you don’t have any internet.

Which is what my life has been for the past five days.

Which, for the record, is twenty times more frustrating than usual when you’re in another country and have absolute loads of things to do, all of which include use of the internet.

Thus, I have been in England for nearly a week and have yet to post anything at all on this page.

To catch up:

England is AMAZING. Absolutely, incredibly beautiful. I have family friends here and the 16 year-old guy that I know keeps making fun of me for calling everything beautiful, but I swear. I can’t help it. Everything, from the cathedral dating back to 1060 to the little brick houses with green sheep-spotted fields, EVERYTHING is incredibly beautiful. Everything has character and a history. I can’t even absorb it all; I love it, endlessly.

I have pictures on my facebook, (http://www.new.facebook.com/album.php?aid=158295&id=754635334), all of which don’t even begin to show how amazing Norwich is. It’s ridiculous! =]

I’ve already been sort-of offered a job. I was at the mall with my mom and we got to talking with the owner of this pasty shop (could it be any more English?), and then after we sat down and started eating she came over and said if I was interested I could look into working there while I was at uni. So if that’s not a sign that I was meant to come here, I don’t know what is.

My first comment as an American foreigner is this: has anyone seen The Holiday? Because if you have, and you remember the part where Cameron Diaz tries to drive in England and looks like an absolute fool when she thinks the truck is going to hit her, you should give her some credit. I used to think she looked like a fool too, but dude. If you were driving on these pinky-width roads, you’d be freaked out too. It’s terrifying how small they are!

Oh, and also. A British word has already infiltrated my vocabulary! I say loads now. I say loads all the time. Loads of this, loads of that. I’m telling you, it’s borderline ridiculous. Then again, everything in life is right now. I’m kind of in England. Didn’t you know?


That’s all I have for the moment. I love you all, and will try and write again soon!


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