Enjoying class? Pub crawling? What is this?

There’s something to be said about actually enjoying your classes. I can’t quite explain what was so amazing about my prof for my Lit in History section, but there was something there. I knew I’d like her right away, as soon as she said “just tick the box”. Something about the way she said tick, and the way you could tell just from the way she thought out loud how much the poem we read intrigued her. When she was talking you knew she wanted you to understand, and being able to see that in someone who is so often an uninterested characterture of one of the truly most important people in your education was very, very amazing. It’s also ten kinds of awesome when people actually speak out in your classes and also encourage you to do so. I’ve never had a discussion feel so conversational before – and for not knowing anyone in the room, I found that very exciting. If this is how nice it is on the first day, I can’t imagine how it’ll be when I start to really meet everyone!

On a slightly sillier note, my flat is incredibly ridiculous. I love everyone on my floor to bits and I think that the concept of sharing a kitchen is possibly the most ingenius thing ever. Seriously. You don’t understand how much scrounging for food amongst loads of Top Ramen and pasta really ties you to people. It’s pretty much amazing.

Culture shock! I had my first pub crawl last night, and I’ve gotta say, I picked the best damn group of people to go for it with. You know why I can say that? Because I totally went with the Clay Pigeon Shooting Club, of which almost every member was decked out in tweed and hunting gear. As an introductory event, remembering names was a nightmare, so I ended up being both simply California and “the Yank”.  It was absolutely fantastic. Just imagine starting out at a real pub – The Fat Cat, as it were – and then from there, making your way as a group of crazy drunken tweed bedecked loons through three more pubs – singing God Save The Queen to end each stop – and chugging pints from a ten-year-old-boy-sized Wellie boot. Yeah. Um. That’s as English as it gets, my friends. And it was awesome.

Still in England, still living an incredibley amazing life filled with awesome Aussies, crazy Lithos, ridiculous Brits, and surprsingly well-cooked college freshers food. What can I say? It’s the life. =]


1 Response to “Enjoying class? Pub crawling? What is this?”

  1. 1 Kelly October 4, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    That’s cool.. the house in Konkow shared a kitchen with the whole floor but I can’t say it made me bond with everyone lol.

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