London much?

Epic amazingness – I spent the weekend in London! Sadly, it being the weekend, the tube lines were completely fucked over, and combined with a complete lack of sense of direction, public transporation was one adventurous bitch the entire time I was there. And yeah, maybe it poured a bit for most of Sunday, but hey. You put all that together and it is still London and thus, it is still incredible.

I’m happy to say that due to budgeting I got a fairly less touristy London experience than most first-timers. I wish I could also say that due to budgeting I got away with spending like no money…but no. London and its prices are a bitch. Me, Becks, Prue, and Kelly were trying to find a place to eat near Leicester Square so we stopped to check out the posted menu at TGI Friday’s. The menu in its entirety looked very much the same as the US menu…down to the numbers in the prices. They simply had a pound sign instead of a dollar sign. So everything was TWICE as much. Yeah. Epic fail.

I spent most of Saturday with my English friends that live in Norwich, who were awesome enough to bring me along on their daytrip to London while Shaun visited City University. It was bizarre going through a college tour when you’re already in college…there was so much I wanted to suggest and say that the tour guide just mass failed at regarding the living situations and how sharing a kitchen works. Anyway. It was awesome because I

a. Had fish and chips.

b. Got to see a bit of London that was just like the normal city bit, rather than incredibly touristy.

c. It wasn’t raining – it was just RIDICULOUSLY windy.

d. Got to spend time with Rachel, Shaun, and Alyssa!

That night I met up with the Aussies (knoife)* and we went to Chinese food (again with the prices…ri-diculous) for dinner and then proceeded to go the entirely wrong way to Billy Elliot, the play we had tickets for. Pretty much the ticket people gave us a really incorrect map that was just wrong. We eventually cought a cab and only missed ten minutes of the show, but that was directional epic fail number one. Oh, and the show was amazing….Swan Lake scene for the very awesome win.

After seeing the play we wanted dessert, and after being approached by multiple club promoters – who, for the record, are incredibly fun to talk to because they’ll say whatever they can to get you to come to their club – we found a dessert place and (knoife) pretty much had an awesome time eating wayyy too expensive ice cream sundaes. At twelve-thirty at night.

I’d say it was amazing, except then we left and tried to find our way back to Russell Square. We waited thirty minutes in the drizzling rain for what we thought was the right bus, then spent twenty minutes riding said bus, then double checked with Random London Failure Citizen standing next to us and were told that Russell Square was still about ten minutes off. Luckily Random London I-Actually-Have-A-Sense-Of-Direction Citizen overheard Citizen 1’s LIES and told us we were going the completely wrong direction. So we got off the bus at some ghetto random place, got on the bus going the other direction for about twenty minutes. The well-intentioned bus driver told us which stop to get off on and where to turn and walk, so we did just that. While walking down the street in the now pretty substantial rain, we stopped a random person and asked if we were heading towards Russell Square. What do you know, we were once again going the opposite direction.  So off we went, retracing our steps, and after about fifteen more minutes of epic failure and rain, we FINALLY returned to the hostel we were staying at.

Left the ice cream shop at 12:30. Got home at 2:00. Found out the next morning that we could have walked fifteen minutes from said shop to hostel had we only known what the fuck we were doing. Oh man…luckily Prue, Becks, and myself are hilarious and ridiculous people, and the whole ordeal was an adventure more than an awful rain-sodden experience. Knoife!

Next day, Sunday, Prue and Kelly went to the Church, which is a day-time nightclub that is only open on Sundays. Becks and I were supposed to go as well, but we just were not feeling it so we decided to walk around and be a bit touristy instead. Yeah, when we made that call we had yet to look outside at the pouring rain. Yay London weather! Anyway. Afer fojacking a handful of babybell cheese from the breakfast buffet, off we went.

Becks and I, aside from getting soaked, had a fantastic day in the ridiculously huge and pretty city that is London. It’s like a geographically more calm and attractive NYC – then replace the yellow taxis with red double-deckers and you’re there. Oh. And add rain. Lots of rain, and gray skies to match! It was amazing, but far too urban for me. I’d love to go back (unlike NYC) but I could never live there. When the train finally left the urbanosity and hit the countryside again I cannot describe how relaxing it was. I could not handle having to use the tube every day. I think it might drive me mad.

Oh! One other amazing thing happened on Sunday. When Becks and I were waiting for our movie to start (we went to see a movie partly to see a movie and partly so we could just dry off) I got a call and found out that I have been hired! Today will be my first training bit at the pasty shop at Chapelfield Mall in the City Center. Stokage! After this weekend I most definitely need to start getting paid. Holy fuck is London expensive.

Pretty sure I didn’t mean to shoot out a thousand words for this entry, but the word counter on the little publishing toggle thing assures me that one-thousand words passed around 22 words ago. I’m thinking that means I’m done. I’ll try and facebook some London pictures later!

Loves and misses to apparently-it’s-already-raining California! =] Somebody go eat some quality Mexican food for me, please?

*Knoife: This would be how an Australian says knife (see mugging scene in Crocodile Dundee if you are confused). I don’t even know when, but I decided I love that word and now me and those ridiculous people I call my friends have begun to infuse KNOIFE into everyday speech. Even – well, usually – when it makes no sense at all.


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