No plans.

I think, even when you’re in a foreign country, you tend to underestimate how amazing it is to have no plans. No plans at all. Today – Saturday, for all you Californians for whom it is still vaguely Friday – I have NO plans. I have no school, I have no school work, I have no work work – and after five days in a row of having all three of those things, no plans is pretty awesome.

Not to say that I don’t like my classes or that I don’t like my job. Both  are much more fun than they have any right to be. But last night, I had the option of doing whatever I wanted because no matter what, Saturday would be spent in the utmost laziness. And now I’m revelling.

Pretty much I had an awesome week. Turned in my first paper [!!!], had my first showed-up-to-a-seminar-unintentionally-completely-unprepared, worked my first four shifts at my job, and when not occupied by all of the above I had floor dinners and quiet movie nights with none other than the bomb-ass fools that I live with.

Ah! For the record, I officially have decided that when English people try and do an American accent, all they end up doing is sounding like a pirate. Oh my gosh, you have to hear it. Given that in British English you generally just ignore half of the r’s (i.e. beer or retarded), that’s the part that seems to prove troublesome so they just over-accentuate it until it seriously reaches pirate status. It’s fantastic and just makes me love English people – the more piratey ones in particular – even more.  =]

I apologize to those of you that sometimes when you try and contact me I have a hard time getting back to you right away. Sometimes I get distracted while responding, other times it literally just falls out of my brain and I don’t remember to write back until like two days later. If that happens, I still love you incredibly. You’ll just have to forgive my epic failure.

It’s 11:00 AM and I am seriously considering crawling back into bed. Late night generally does equal late morning…so why did I wake up at 9:30 again? Yeah, um, it’s sleep time.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend – no plans or not – and that you don’t do anything too ridiculous! (Or, if you do, make sure to tell me about it. Nothing like a story of ridiculousness to just make life that much better) =]


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