I can cook!

So I’m thinking that on the whole I haven’t talked enough about how amazing the people I live with are. Because of this I’ve decided to share another aspect of our fantastic lives: floor dinners! On the fridge in our kitchen there’s a signup list posted, and everybody signs up for a night that works best for them to cook. They then go and buy all the supplies for said dinner, whip it up, and we as a floorfamily sit down together and dig in. Then afterwords the cook doesn’t have to help with the washing up, and everyone is happy. Pretty much everybody takes their turn, so the spending-food-on-money figure works out, and life is amazing. And we all get better at cooking, which is amazing. Pretty much it is an amazing system of amazingness.

And guess who cooked last night! None other than myself. I used to think that when it came to cooking, I could only handle two things: egg-in-toast, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Apparently all I needed was the inspiration of cooking for people that have never eaten some of my favorite foods before, because since that’s happened I’ve been whipping up awesomeness left and right. I’ve already talked and talked about the whole guacamole extravaganza…but this time, I took it up a notch. After explaining to some of my Australian friends what a tortilla is [!!!!] I decided it was time to unleash tostadas on Floor 5.

One trip into town and four shops later, I was missing the following ingredients from my planned fiesta: refried beans (FAIL!) and margarita mix (EPIC FAIL!). It had been enough of a challenge finding tortillas (as opposed to tortilla chips, which is what people think you’re talking about if you walk into Marks & Spencers and ask where the tortillas are – apparently they call tortillas tor-till-ah wraps here?), but I thought I would cry when I couldn’t find (or really explain) refried beans. Or margarita mix. What is that? Margarita mix is amazing! It’s a good thing I absolutely love everything else about this country.

Anyway, once home I attempted cooking all the different parts of my magical meal and promptly blackened a tortilla whilst trying to fry it and nearly flipping a pan of mince (mince! also known as ground beef) on my way to the dying tortilla. Enter Zach, amazing flatmate, whom I quickly trained in the arts of frying and flipping tortillas. Not gonna lie, he was pretty pro.

Then I needed somebody to work on the guacamole while I worked on the veggie option half of the meal (kidney beans and diced tomatoes instead of mince). Enter Sharaz and Sam – Sam who looked at Zach frying the tortillas and said “What? What are you doing to those? That is not what you’re supposed to do with tortillas” and for some reason I found it really funny, probably because it furthered the Americans-fry-everything stereotype. Sharaz had already been trained in the arts of guac-making, so he taught Sam and got that going. And that was all good until they started playing with the avocado pits, and then wanted to try and eat them (don’t ask me). So I told them that avocado pits are poisoness, and Sam looks at me and asks, “…death poisoness or fun poisoness?” which is a ridiculous question, but is also why I love Sam. I ignored him and he promptly disappeared, only to reappear about five minutes later and recite that “Avocado pits are only poisoness to pets and those people who are allergic to them”. You can imagine my surprise when despite having proved me wrong, Sam and Sharaz ended up using the pits as bouncy balls instead of trying to eat them.

So basically, after no further issues, the meal got on the table in a decent amount of time and oh my gosh, it was both beautiful when on the table and delicious! Mad props to my cooking helpers, and the lady the tried really really hard to help me find tortillas at Marks & Spencers.

My ATM card arrived this week, which makes life exponentially better. And I get paid soon! Oh my gosh, I can’t get over having a job. And money. Oh! And my first loan check comes through tomorrow! Ridiculous!

Oh, and on a way less exciting note, the cold that I shook off a week or two ago has returned. Yeah, I don’t know how things work in England, but I’m pretty sure that in California when I get an awful cold it’s pretty much an annual deal. Not bimonthly. Which is epic fail.

So yeah, here’s hoping I don’t sneeze on anyone’s pasty!


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