chinese fooooooood

The jury is in, and I am an amazing cook. Scratch that – I am a CHEF! =] But one is only as amazing as those who help, so mad props to Laura, Kate, Kelly, Zach, and Simon. Because of them, dinner last night was most definitely Chinese, and it was most definitely delicious.

Other than that, life is kind of ridiculous. We’re on week six, I think, and that is hardly believable. I feel like I have been here for ages, but that it’s gone incredibly fast, and that just in general how the timing feels and how it mathematically adds up just does not make sense. It’s crazy. And I love it!

I was on Facebook last night going through the “Where I’ve Been” app with Simon and Sharaz aaaand I kind of realized that I needed to update mine. You see, I’ve been to this place called England, aaaand I’ve kind of LIVED THERE! How amazing is that? Pretty sure I’m never going to get over it, so if you’re tired of hearing it, then you probably shouldn’t click any links to this blog anymore. Anyway, I zoomed out on the world, and Australia caught my eye, and I thought I’d let you all know that I have friends there now – three amazing people named Pruedle, Kelly, and Becks – and I will at some point in my life go visit them there! SO EXCITED! Maybe if I trip and fall on some money I can go and visit them as soon as this summer. Because I think I might die if I don’t see them soon after they leave in December.

I have work in half an hour till four, and then I’m going to relax a bit before the whole academic week recycles and such. Nearly half of my classes are cancelled for reading week, so it should be an exciting one. I think. Given that I don’t have work everyday or anything.

Oh, and because I know you wanted to see them, here are some pics from le dinner last night! Love you all!



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