Me these days.

Zach just walked by my room singing “I can ride my bike with no handlebars” and I was totally okay with it. That song is awful, and I hate it, but when you hear it with an English accent…it is so much win.

I had a heart attack when writing a paper the other day because I thought I had a class that I had been somehow unaware of for the past two months and would then have automatically failed. It was horribly stupid of me – I simply skipped over the bit that said Spring 2009 – but really, I can’t even tell you how freaked out I got for those five minutes. It was really, really awful.

To counteract that, we have me making an ass of myself in seminar, which was really funny. My professor was long-windedly lecturing the seven person class on how to write an essay, delaying the class discussion on the assigned reading, which I totally hadn’t done (to my credit, this was only because I was unable to get my hands on a copy of the book because Borders doesn’t stock it). Thus, I was a-okay with the endless essay lecture. As the professor keeps going, he gets to the end of a particularly ponderous sentence and then suddenly says, “Oh, this has turned into a sort of monologue…is this helping? Should I keep going?” And do you know what I say? I’m leaning back in my chair, arms crossed, zoning, and I hear him near a potential stop in his lecture with twenty minutes of class to go, so I say – while literally batting my hand at him once – “Oh, you can keep going”. As if I had to give him permission to speak. I can’t quite translate how horrible this sounded in person via words on paper (which I guess is testament to my need to improve as a writer), but goodness, it was bad. The rest of the class – professor included – just burst out laughing. It was horrible and hilarious and very typical of me these days.

I’ve been here two months now and the accents are finally getting to me. Every time somebody says something, it’s like I hear an echo of it in my head and I get the sudden urge to try and say it back to them in an English accent. This results in lots and lots of me restraining myself, and when that fails, this results in epic failure. Seriously. My flatmates have laughed at me more times than I can count because of this. It’s just kind of ridiculous.

Beyond all of that, which truly isn’t all that much, I am sadly short of things to report. Not that things haven’t been happening…nope, that is most definitely not the problem. Just that time seems to be flying by at this incredible rate and I don’t even have time to record all the things that are going on!

Think of it this way…a month from today, I will be back at home. Crazy things life, crazy things.


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