Prince John Does It Better

So I don’t know about the rest of you US citizens, but I personally had never really encountered much use of the phrase “aha” as a form of laughter online. Since I’ve been over here though, I’ve seen it multiple times. And it cracks me up. You want to know why it cracks me up? Well, watch the following video (best example at 0:43) and you’ll hear what I hear every time an English person types “aha”.


(Moving on.)

I had two British English to American English mistranslations today. Number one would be when I got baffled at work when an amazing little old lady asked me if the guv’nah was in. I blinked at her and said, “Erm…would the…guv-ern-errrrr be the…manager?” And she just laughed at me and said yes. Oh man, I felt really ridiculous. Then hours later I listed off the dishes Maggie and I would be whipping up for our pseudo-Thanksgiving dinner and got a serious WTF from everyone when I said, “Ohhhh, and the biscuits will be AWESOME with gravy on them!” Here, for the record, the word biscuit is nearly synonymous with the word cookie. So to be fair, I’d be pretty WTF if you told me gravy would be AWESOME on my cookies. FAIL.

Anyway, everybody have a happy Thanksgiving, and hit this epic blog up sometime over the weekend – I promise, there will be pictures (and if I know my flatmates, stories to match) a plenty of the transatlantic-reppin’ revelry!


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