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Transatlantic Interlude.

Everyone’s starting to leave for Christmas break, and as logic would have it, the halls are slowly emptying. There’s nothing sadder than walking down an empty hall.

The bright side? Home, and every incredibly amazing person, place, and Angus that includes, on Monday. Three days.

The down side? The part of my life as I’ve known it for the past three months is basically done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m coming back here in January – you couldn’t keep me away if you tried. But certain indescribabley special people won’t be living here when we all start trickling back, and that will be very sad, and it will take some getting used to. Next term will still be amazing, but it will be yet another different amazing. So we’ll see who moves in down the hall and how ridiculous they’ll think we all are.

Anyway. I’ll leave you with a story of my near failing before I put this wordpressage on hold for a month.

I’m a procrastinator, as it happens. I’m pretty pro at it. Avani and I decided to start our Reading Texts and Lit in History essays, each 1500 words, at the library at 9.30 PM. On Wednesday night. When they’re due at 12.00 PM on Thursday.

We work, we work, we work…and finish, oh, at 8.00 AM the next morning. I then go to turn in my paper, but then find out that the school office doesn’t open until 8.30. So, the intelligent thing to do would be go sit it out for half an hour and then just turn it in, right? Well, I decided to troop back to my flat and just hang out for a bit.

Didn’t really plan on passing out on my bed before setting a safety alarm.

I’m laying in bed, and the wall-penetratingly loud noise that is Sharaz’s conversational voice wakes me up. Curtains are drawn. So I grab my phone to check the time…and it’s 11.53.

I jump up, grab essay, throw on shoes, and RUN. I never encountered such a thing at UCSB, but here, you have to timestamp all the papers you turn in at the school office. So basically, I’m screwed.

I run into the building, take the stairs two at a time, shove through the office, grab a cover sheet, and jam it into the timestamp machine.

Pull it out, and take a look.

And a close-up, with the contrast upped so you can definitely see my epicness:

Yeah. Basically, I’m pro. And really, really lucky that Sharaz talks so fucking loud.

Anyway, that was the end to my academic stress of the term. I am ready to say goodbye to those sorts of worries for the next four weeks, and to just enjoy being home.

Home. I am SO excited. That’s all I have to say. I am so, so, SO excited.

So that’s it till January. Yay for Chrimbo break, and for home, and for everything else amazing in life. Thanks for reading!

Kathy King xxx

Being a Pseudo-Adult

Here’s the thing: if I were really intent on being adult about things, I’d get going on the two 1500 word papers I have due on Thursday, and the 1800 word short story I have due next Monday. Instead though, I do things like go to symphony concerts in six-hundred-year-old buildings with Maggie McBride in an attempt to feel cultured amidst all this youthful procrastination. To be fair, it was Beethoven’s 9th. And you can’t turn down a live performance of Beethoven’s 9th. Besides the obvious choral ridiculousness that is the finale, there is my favorite movement, listenable here because I’m awesome:

Mmm. I fucking love that movement. It’s kind of amazing. DUDE. As were the dresses that the two female soloist opera singers wore tonight. AMAZING!

As Maggie and I made our way to the bus stop, we started arguing about something or other. Pretty sure it had something to do with me having bad timing, but that’s irrelvent.  The important thing is that the two drunk English guys about twenty feet behind us heard her echoing statement of, “That’s TOTALLY unrelated!” No sooner had she said that than the two guys burst out laughing, then recited a nasal, “TOTALLLLLY”. Aaaaaand Maggie and I about lost it. It was SO funny. Then the two guys start talking with us a bit, and chastise Maggie for wearing (very awesome pink) wellies, despite the non-wellie weather (actually, it would seem that even in wellie weather, nobody really wears them over here, but that’s besides the point). Basically this utter randomness that was Maggie and I exuding foreignosity ended with the guys inviting us out for a beer, and us politely declining and finding a different way to get to the bus stop. Pretty much it was a hilariously not classy end to a classy evening.

A week from today I will be stress free and hopefully asleep, STOKED BEYOND STOKED by the fact that in twenty-four hours I WILL BE HOME! How excited I am for that moment – or for that matter, any moment beyond 3:00 PM Thursday – is inexpressible. For serious.

And speaking of inexpressible? How about my desire to write those papers. Just seeing the words “word count” beneath this post as I type makes me want to vom. Violently. FAIL.

But to counterract that fail we have most everything else in life right now, so I guess I’ll survive. And if you don’t believe that most everything else in life statement, just take a look at the below photos of St. Andrews Hall, and imagine how fucking amazing it would be to hear Beethoven’s 9th live there.

Oh, and one more thing that was great about tonight? Seeing the little old English lady totally hand the bus driver his ass for misleading her regarding the bus route. “No thanks to you, I’ll be missing my carriage, sir! THANK YOU, indeed!”

Win, win, and win.


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photo cred to myself and Maggie J. Moxie