It lives? It lives!

Apologies, dwindling readers, for the season of neglect that was Fall Term 2009.

It would happen now that the year is 2010 and apparently we are entering a new decade, so I ask you, what is a new decade without a few new resolutions?

I’m sitting at my kitchen counter in El Dorado Hills at the moment, using my dad’s computer to write this, so I can’t exactly make good on this promise at the moment,  but here it is anyways: 2010 is a fresh start and I’m going to treat it as such by revamping Transatlantic Kathy. Goal: weekly posts, new pictures, and a new layout. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this layout, but it would seem that my lapse in posting coincided with the redesign, so I’m going to go ahead and try something else. I’m also trying to add a semblance of organization to my life in general so if everything goes as planned, this will be a fantastic year for both le blog and le Kathy herself. Everybody cross your fingers!

I hope you all check in soon for a real update that holds more than paragraph-long promises, and I hope that at some point, reading on here, I make you laugh. Or even smile. Five months of neglect – yeah, I’ll settle for a smile.

The Transatlantic is back, and all things willing, will be fanfuckingtastic.


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