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We’d like to take a moment…

Oh hi there May! I didn’t realize you were all of eleven days away. Eleven days, twenty pages of screenplay, twenty-five-hundred words of a contemporary fiction coursework, and more pasties than I want to count away.┬áHaving spent the entire day in bed catching up on season two of Gossip Girl and ignoring every bit of aforementioned responsibility, I figure I owe the world at least a bit of productivity. Do me a favor and overlook the fact that I currently consider posting on my blog a form of productive.

Before I continue down the constructive path, though, I’m going to put the last few weeks of partial lethargy to use. When I haven’t been at what I semi-fondly call pastyland, I’ve been at home alternately hanging out with Sharaz, mourning the lack of a laptop in my life, playing Burnout, Oblivion, and Halo 3, and watching far too much television. Somewhere during term time I’d sat down to lunch in front of the television and happened upon a show called Masterchef, and based solely on the similarity in title with the AMAZING Bravo show Top Chef, I thought I’d give it a go.

Some of my English readers have heard of Masterchef, but for the benefit of my American friends and the Brits that ignore Masterchef because they think it’s lame, I will briefly explain the premise. Basically they found 136 normal people who’d recieved enough casual compliments on their cooking and polite “you should totally be a chef!” suggestions that they thought they’d give professional cooking a shot. The first few episodes are classic, as 5 out of 6 competitors at a time get told, “No, no, that’s basically shit. Nice try.” My personal favorite would be the mid-uni kid whose revolutionary chorizo, tomatos, and pasta (your everyday student fodder) got shot down and owned in the face. That is, if greasy, five-minute student food had a face.

Anyway, the initial amusing elements and gradual really awesome cooking got me hooked and ultimately this led to a shameless addiction that I satisfied all the way through watching the finale over break. And also, becoming a shameless fan of one of the two runners-up, Tim! He is basically amazing, and bizarrely enough is a children’s doctor (why they never said pediatrition I still don’t know) at the Norwich Hospital like ten minutes away from where I live. So who knows? I may yet run into the nerdy-looking legend. He is basically the most amazing guy ever. I’m throwing in an early interview of him, and though nothing entirely interesting happens in the 2 minutes and 49 seconds, at least you’ll know who I’m talking about:

Now, since I know you love youtube clips so much, and since I seriously have been watching a ludicrous amount of – dare I say it – telly (totally never use that word in real life), I’m going to indulge you with a few of my favorite commercials of late. I know, I know, commercials are ten kinds of foreign to the on-demand, Tivo, and internet generation, but it would seem that some people are actually still shooting out more than decent two minute clips and somehow managing to spend their advertising pounds wisely.

First off, as sort of a clipular segue, a short advert for Gordon’s gin, featuring Gordon Ramsay, who is both capable of balancing total doucheyness with awesomeness and definitely in possession of my utter infatuation. Plus, I dig the music (credit to Switches and most sadly composed solely for use in the ad and is thus undownloadable), so basically it’s endless win-win:

Next up we have a few very short ads that I am seriously in love with. I don’t know if it’s the vaguely stop-motiony film style, the bizarrely adorable suicide, or the fact that Cadbury Creme Eggs are – let’s face it – fucking delicious. Either way, I love all combined forty seconds of these ads:

Ah, so amazing! And now that I’ve bombarded you with clips and a vague update on my life (yes, I realize I’ve said next-to-nothing about my actual transatlantic happenings), I’m going to go ahead a try and tackle that first paragraph of responsibility. I’ll be back tomorrow to write something more update-ory, I promise!


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photo cred to myself and Maggie J. Moxie