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Oh, what a gooood question!

It is freezing, it is no longer snowing, it is nearly 2 AM, and it is not bedtime yet. Nope, I have another hour or two – at best. Either that, or I play a bit of hookey in the morning and dedicate my time to my dissertation instead of my seminar. I wouldn’t really mind doing that, except that those three hours every Thursday morning are the only in-class time I have every week this term…so effectively, I’d be ditching the whole week. Feels a bit like I’m disappointing the system – or, at least, my amazing seminar teacher. Which makes me feel incredibly guilty. Aaaanyway. In an effort to not be a complete liar, I’m going to bore the lot of you (hello tiny readership!) with a brief introduction to my dissertation, as promised in my last life-changing post.

As a creative writing student, I have the massive perk of being able to look at the research-paper dissertation option for my major and go, “fuuuuuuuck that!”. I then promptly get to turn around and write a story. Or a collection of poems. Or a screenplay. Or an abstract doodley-bob about the little people that live on the toes of a frog. Essentially, as long as you shoot out 6000 words and a bonus 2000 of critical self-commentary, it counts. Such is the power of creativity. I myself, though highly attracted to the idea of writing a lengthy abstract doodley-bob, decided to write a short story of the history fiction variety. Subject matter: Aphra Behn, kickass Restoration playwright who, aside from being besties with Nell Gwyn (part-time actress, part-time Charlie II’s ho) and a contemporary of some of the most epic libertines ever (orgy tree anyone?), was also a spy. And funny. And the first female to make a living out of writing. Essentially, if you’re not at this point in the description going HELL YES, this woman sounds awesome, you’re crayzeh.

What I have decided to try and do is write a short story that spans two eras, creates a fictional background for one of Behn’s poems, captures a bit of Behn’s pre-polished spirit, and says a bit about how important/unimportant (or, as my advisor would say, “reductive”) autobiographical readings of literature are. All in 6000 words! I am, in phases, excited, paralyzed in fear, intrigued, motivated, and confused about the entire venture. I currently have one month and fifteen days to finish it, which sounds like a long time. However, anyone who has ever had to flirt with a deadline before knows that no matter what I do, January 15th will basically be here tomorrow. That thought, my friends, is a scary one.

On a slightly less scary note, I will not be coming home for Christmas this year. I shall be going to Lithuania! My goal is to, by the time Sharaz and I leave, be able to say a handful of things pretty accurately in Lithuanian. Otherwise, I’ll basically just spend all ten days talking to him. It’s not that that’s a bad thing, but you know, I figure that the more Lithuanian I try to speak, the more chance I have of failing, and what better for Kathy’s story-telling than foreign failings?

One thing that definitely is not fail, though, is the company of Maggie McBride, especially when combined (for one night, and one night only!) with the presence of Laura Wells. Needless to say, though I was basically the most fail travel partner ever for dearest Maggie, the last ten days have been a whirlwind of crazyawesome.

Today I had the fun experience of attending my third photoshoot at UEA. My first one was a year ago this month, when I first posed for my photo as the American student ambassador for the UEA website (click the ambassador tab!). The second would be a slightly artsy-er promotional photoshoot which included costumes changes and posing! (It was quite fun. And I got paid!) Today’s photoshoot was basically the same as last year’s, only now I’ll have a shiny new photo for the website, hopefully sometime soon complete with a new typo-less testimonial! (For the record, I did not have typos in the testimonial I submitted. Those are the errors of the paper-to-web typist. Fail!) You should all check out the current one and laugh, then look at it again in a week or so and hopefully BAM! It will beĀ all fresh and so clean, clean.

This has been a bit of a sporadic post, I admit. Unfortunately, I can do no better at what is now 2.20 in the morning, when really I should be adding another 1500 words to my dissertation.

Crapfully crapfully,

Transatlantic Kathy.

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