The point, if you will.

I started writing on here to keep in touch with people that I don’t see much of, and so far, it’s worked fairly well. I think I enjoy writing on here a little too much, but hey: creative writing major. I utilize all outlets.

I don’t write every day. I’ve come to see this as a good thing, though, as I usually only write when I’ve done something that passes as embarrassing by most peoples’ standards. The other half of the time, I’ll write something that I hope can pass for thoughtful or entertaining in some way. I’ll write whatever works for the moment. Most posts are best viewed as passing whims. I like that thought, and I like the way it sounds.

I don’t know how long the “transatlantic” gimmick will stand up, but I personally plan on milking it for all it’s worth. I enjoy writing here far too much to give it up any time soon, and I figure as long as I have at least one view, it’s worth my while. Regardless, you found your way here, and that’s one more hit to make me happy. It sounds lame, I know, but I’ll take what I can get. It’s the little things in life, and what can I say – I’ve learned to love them well.

So enjoy reading, and don’t bother telling me I’m ridiculous, or that I use too many commas. That much, at least, I’m already sure of.

Oh golly!

Kathy King

1 Response to “a quick note”

  1. 1 Mo Lund!!! March 14, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    kathy!!! i have been reading your blog for like the last 3 hours lol i know its been basically forever since i’ve seen you but i was just thinking of you and being jealous that you’re living in england, which is my eternal life goal. i hope you are loving it and everything is superb!

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