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All that and a packet of crisps.

I know, I know, I know….I know. I’m a failure. I’m an absolute liar and clearly resolutions of the successful sort are not my thing. I haven’t written in more than a month – I don’t even want to check and see if I can use the plural there. So much has happened that it’d be literally impossible to pop it all on here, and even if I did, I’d say you’d get bored…because I highly doubt that if I wrote up what’s been going on since January, it would read about 1000 times slower than it actually happened. Seriously. My life since January has been about five seconds long.

Somehow we’ve reached mid-March and my month-long spring break. No more coursework until April, and even then it’s not all that much. If I’d been bothering to write on here you’d already know tons about the class I’m stoked to write for, that being my Creative Writing Drama class which is basically the most amazing class I’ve taken at UEA. You’d also know more than you’d care to about my HORRENDOUS contemporary fiction class, which with the exception of a select few is full of ludicrously pretentious assholes who think that if a novel is enjoyed by the general public, it is instantly without any literary value. Yeah. Two hours of that a week, at ten on a Tuesday morning. Indescribable fail. Counterbalanced with two hours of scriptwriting though, it’s doable.

I’ve been busy and a half giving tours and the like for the international office. Once, end of February, I even accidentally volunteered to give a speech on the social life at UEA to a lecture theater full of international students. Being an ambassador is definitely still awesome. The other day I got an email from a student who basically read just like me two years ago this time, when I had just applied and was scrambling to mail all of the paperwork and praying to god that I’d get in, despite the fact that I knew next to nothing about UEA, or living in England in the first place. It blows my mind that that was TWO YEARS ago. How much have a I changed? Oh, I don’t know. A TON. But in the best way!

Lacking a laptop since Thanksgiving has definitely not helped with the staying-on-top-of-the-blog thing…I know, there’s a library IT center full of computers on campus. I’m not gonna lie…I’ve mostly just been lazy. To be fair, I stay plenty busy with class and work at the pasty cafe, and my social life hasn’t exactly been on pause, so I don’t have the most spare time in the world. I’ve actually reached that balance of pleasantly busy, where I stay out of the house enough to truly appreciate the small amount of time that I spend in it. I’m thinking that’s a good thing, though it might get totally destroyed by spring break.

Spring break! Tons and tons and tons of time to relax, and hopefully in time to soak up some delicious weather. I’m considering getting another piercing, and it occurs to me now that I haven’t written on here since I spontaneously got my nose pierced. At least I don’t think I have? Well, if I already did, there it is again. Anyway! I’m thinking about getting another piercing, though which piercing that is I’ll keep quiet for the nonce, and we’ll see if I can resist my way through March and April.

Another thing I might need to resist…well, I’ve still been wearing my hair pixie short, but I haven’t gotten it re-dyed since December and Callum, the legend who does my hair, took a hair sample to see how light I’d be able to go. That’s write, light! As in…bleach blonde. Bum bum buuuuuum! Sounds crazy, I know, but that’s what everyone said when I suggested the pixie in the first place, and look how awesome that turned out! So who knows…I’ll have to stop by the salon this week and check out the sample, and then we’ll go from there.

I realize at this point that I’ve done little to sound transatlantic so far, but I figure since it’s been so long, I’m allowed to spend a post simply updating you on my life. You know what, beyond the title – the English version of “all that and a bag of chips” (which I will note nobody actually uses and I’ve just proudly translated myself) – I really haven’t said anything about England at all. Alas, such is life. I promise next time I come on here (and it won’t be two months from now!) I will fill you to the brim with Englishosity. Until then, though, I must give Sam back his laptop and get ready to bid him farewell. That’s right, spring break means Zach and Sam will be departing for the month. Sadface Mcgee =[

Stay tuned though! I promise to try and stay interesting. I mean, it’s sorta the least I can do after nearly two months of neglect.

[belated] Round 2

Today  marks two weeks from my fully-functioning arrival, and to be honest, I thought I’d at least have written once or twice by now. Goodness knows plenty has happened!

I am fully embroiled in the land of English Lit classes, for one. It’s nearly ridiculous how much reading I have to do all the time; though, since I’m only actually in class for what, seven hours a week, I guess that’s to be expected. I’ve also returned to work at the mall, even had a work dinner last night at a semi-gimmicky place called Fatso’s that served EPIC burgers of deliciousness! With CURLY FRIES, WIN!

On a far less exciting note, I think I’ve left my cell phone* on the bus on my way to work this week. Optimistic me, however, notes that this would be an excellent time to move my patronage from a pay-as-you-go O2 phone to a SKYPE PHONE! Basically, it will be amazing. I’ll be able to use skype for free via my phone…so, I’ll be able to call the states for, at most, 2¢ a minute. And well, since I accidentally spent £8 on a call to a certain Jaime, that skype rate sounds pretty fucking awesome. Silver lining for the win!

D5 now lacks a certain Maggie McBride, which is too sad to really write about. I miss her in epic, illogical proportions. But again with the silver lining: the new flatmates, who don’t really even feel new anymore, are amazing. Basically D5 has the best people luck on the planet.

Lots of those English people, for the record, have developed a certain affinity for the phrase “to be honest” / “to be fair”. Maybe I just didn’t notice it last term…but I swear, I must hear somebody say one of those two phrases AT LEAST three times a day. So there you have it, yet another linguistic discovery from a foreigner.

And completely unrelated, another incident of me being ridiculous:

The other evening I had the pleasure of lacking any semblance of balance and falling headfirst into a thorn bush. I survived just fine, though I look like I got attacked by my cat Angus up my entire left side. The next morning, I’d invited my friend Eleanor back to my flat after class for some tea, and I decided to regal her with my tale of failure. It was pretty theatrical and I was really enjoying myself when suddenly Eleanor’s eyes got huge and she just busted up laughing out of nowhere. Amidst the ridiculous laughing, I catch three incredulous words: “That was YOU??”

Apparently, Eleanor’s flat has quite a nice view of the thorn bush into which I fell. And well, as fate would have it, Eleanor and her entire flat was sitting in the kitchen of her flat chatting away when I had my little shenanigan. And, wouldn’t you know it, they watched me flounder in the thorn bush until I found my way out, and had a great laugh about it. What can I say, apparently I live to entertain!

Oh, and one more note before I ditch Konsuke for some breakfast. I am in love with one of my lit professors. He’s basically a poor man’s David Bowie, and listening to him lecture is the highlight of my week. Seriously. If it didn’t sound so creepy, I’d snap a picture all spy-status to prove my point.

Alas, while I may be many things…I’m not THAT insane.

*Resisted the urge to say mobile.


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