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Bitch best blog more!

For starters, I just thought I’d say how much I love hearing that people read my blog. A bit self-important, I know, but it’s nice to know that people either care enough or are bored enough to read a bit about my life. I don’t think I thank people enough for stopping by, so as my favorite McBride would say, there that is.

To trade in for my three sentences of self-importance, I’ll share how I’ve suffered twice (in recent memory) for my lack of Englishness.

I work at a pasty cafe. Most of you know that. Now, working at a pasty cafe, you get asked a certain variety of questions and as such are readily prepared to answer most any of them. For example, “What flavors of pasty do you guys have?” Or, “What comes with the light lunch?” Even once, despite seeing our display full of fresh pasties, “Do you guys have any pasties?” I won’t lie, I have my moments where I mess things up, but generally speaking I am entirely capable of running the counter on my own.

That is, of course, until a man approaches the counter, and to the best of my hearing, he inquires if we have any “oise”.

“Any what, sir?” Mayyyybe I just heard him wrong.


Maybe not. “Pardon me?”

Impatient look. “Do you have any oise?”

Shitshitshit, still have NO idea what he wants. “I’m sorry sir, just one more time for me…”

Cue the GOD, how stupid IS this girl? look. “OISE. Do you have any OISE??”

“Excuse me, let me get Abbie.”

Abbie walks up, all smiles. “Hello there, what can I get for you, sir?”

“I just wanted to see if you have any oise.”

“Oh, no sir, I’m sorry, we only have the cold drinks. We don’t have any ICE.”

ICE?! Ice?? I am sorry, but there is no way on the PLANET that that man asked me for ice four times. Nope. Oise, yes, he asked me for oise plenty of times. But ice? I don’t care how strong your English accent is…oise? And for the life of me I don’t know how Abbie understood him. And on the first time.

The next day I was in the kitchen talking with Sharaz when he starts telling me about this really funny thing that happened to him the other day. Sharaz, for the record, works at the bar at the Holiday Inn in town. So he deals with a variety of customers (hello gypsies!), including many very English ones (Norfolk Turkey Association, anyone?). Aaaanyway, he starts telling me how this guy came up to the counter and kept asking for something and Sharaz, for the life of him, had no idea what the man was talking about. Turns out, all the guy wanted was some OISE. So I take that as proof that I’m really not all that retarded at living in England. Yes, you could point out that English is my first language and it’s not Sharaz’s and therefore I have no excuse. But you’re not going to, because we’re all awesome here, and we’ll just write off the whole “oise” scenario under the same category as the soup story.

We sell a variety of soups at my work, depending on the day. This particular day, we were serving Tomato & Basil soup. I regularly get ridiculed by my managers as to how I pronounce this certain kind of soup (toe-may-toe and bay-zil), because according to the English, I say it ten kinds of wrong. You’re supposed to say,  “toe-mah-toe and ba-zil”.  Which I never say. And has never been a problem.

Cue ridiculous English lady.

“Excuse me, what kind of soup are you serving today?”

“Toe-may-toe and bay-zil, ma’am.”

“What was that?”

“Toe-may-toe and bay-zil.”

“Pardon, what are you saying?”

“Toe-may-toe and bay-zil…” Still getting a blank look. You have GOT to be kidding me. FINE, I’ll say it:

“Toe-mah-toe and ba-zil…?

“Ahh, yes, thank you!”

At this point, all of my co-workers were listening and watching from the back, busting out laughing. Because what’s funnier than watching me be forced to speak English-English as if American-English were incomprehensible? Apparently, not much.

So there you have it, two accounts of me still being blatantly American, in all of their over-written glory. Totally could’ve reeled off those stories in two sentences…but hey, as a certain Lindsay Ransom and I believe, what is a good story if you tell it too quickly?

Speaking of Lindsay, I have her to thank for my recent return to the land of jukebox classics like Stay by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. God, I love that song. And, for letting me play it and all the other classics I don’t have on itunes to death. I’d say I’m just waiting for someone to come complain about my Happy Days overplaying, but halls are basically empty due to our current month-long spring break.

Yes, UEA for some reason has a whole month off for spring break. And can I just say quickly how much I hate using the term spring break now thanks to Sam Wilson? Every time I use that term in his presence, he drops his voice an octave and shouts “SPRING BREAK” in his best MTV spring-breaker impersonation voice. Because apparently spring break is less of a widely-used term here, and more of an Americanized concept of what kids go do during Easter holidays.

EASTER! I can’t believe that it’s this Sunday already! This is where I’m supposed to tell you that I’ve been an amazing Lent-er, and kept up with all of my dietary promises of a few entries ago. Sad to say, I survived a good…hmm, let’s be honest here…a good six days before I lost it. Accidentally, mind you – but I just as easily could have gone back to the Lenten diet after I realized I’d broken it. Instead, I continued HORFing down my deep-fried tortilla slathered in guacamole and sour cream and decided to be a bad person. So much fail, I know. I’ll blame my over-extended Ash Wednesday ambition for that one.

My Easter plans, if all works out for the best, include visiting the awesome-sauce Zach Coventry at his home in Kent. Kent! Does it get more English sounding than that? Well, I guess it could, if you lived there, and your last name was Coventry, and your middle name was Westwood. All of the above of which apply to Zach. So that makes Zach one of THE most English-sounding people on the planet. Brings to mind a certain picnic filled with Mr. Wheatsworth and some large-leaf lettuce leaves…oh, amazing times.

[Just hit 1111 words! Make a wish!]

If you’re wondering where the name of this post came from, you can thank Alex Davis and his literary, word-phrasing genius. And if you’re wondering if I intended on making this the most name-drop-tastic post I’ve ever written, the answer would be no. But that hasn’t stopped it from certainly becoming such.

In other news, life is a bizarre breed of amazing right now. I’m looking forward to summer, not really believing that we’re already a week into April. How the hell I’ve been living in another country for nearly eight months is beyond me. I watched the film Amélie the other day, and it solidified my need to go see Becks in France. Granted, the film is a bit on the quirky side, but I love it, and it does a fantastic job of capturing the whimsically happy feeling of everything being alright.

I admit I got a little screencap happy there for a second, but seriously. I love looking at anything from that movie…it is one of the most visually engaging films I’ve seen in a long time!

And in hopefully my last segue of this beastly post – speaking of films. I watched Elizabeth the other day as well, and might just have re-fallen in love with Vincent Cassel. Most of you likely won’t recognize the name, so I’m going to be awesome and jog your memory, starting with this gem:

Voice of Monsieur Hood? Yeah. Vincent fuckin’ awesome Cassel. He plays himself a badass Russian mafia guy in Eastern Promises, (okay, so Nikolai could probably kick Kirill’s ass, but come on, Nikolai is theoretically Aragorn, so whose ass couldn’t he kick?) and is part of the super classy, unfairly attractive cast of both Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13. Here’s a sample or two, if you have a few minutes to spare:

So much win! Okay, I’m done with the clips and the pictures and the segues, I promise. Just go watch Amélie, or something with Vincent Cassel in it. That’s all I ask!

Besides that – that being the ridiculous 1456 word post I just threw at you – life is strepless, class-less, and definitely still amazing. Even better? Home in two months. Home, and summer.

And as we all know, there’s nothing better than a lazy summer with the crazy kids of El Do.  ♥

21 hours of sleep.

The first time I flew over here back in September,  I took a 3:25 flight out of SFO on a Friday afternoon. When I arrived in Norwich at 5:00 the next evening I was a little disoriented, but I don’t remember any sort of undue jetlag.

What I certainly don’t remember is spending the next 21 hours asleep, which is what happened after I arrived yesterday afternoon. I didn’t even know that you could sleep 21 hours straight. Maybe you’d get through about 10 hours, wake up, and consciously decide to waste more time sleeping, but seriously…I went to “take a nap” last night at 5:00 and I didn’t wake up till 2:15 this afternoon. That’s 21 hours of solid sleep.

Anyway. I’ve had my share of sleep for the day, and I’ve officially decided that all that sleep was a combination of jetlag and my undue amount of left-over stress from break. The loan check, which I did a fantastic job of forgetting to bring to the states with me when I left December 15th, arrived at my house today, go figure, the morning after I leave (thank you, Laura favorite-person Wells for sending it my way in the first place! =]). So that’s that much I don’t have to worry about, and I have another day of peace till classes (and work, most likely) kick in on Monday.

That day of peace includes much catching up with all of the great people I’ve spent the last month missing – all of my flatmates, who have by now mostly trickled back into halls. All we’re missing at the moment are Zach and Sharaz – that’s not counting Maggie and Prue, the former of which, as a study abroad-er, will not be returning this term (FAIL), and the latter of which will arrive WEDNESDAY!!! for her wondrous class-less stay in D5. Dinner sign-ups are already posted on the fridge, we’ve already met the two awesome new flatmates, and as far as I know, we already have plans to go out this evening. So pretty much, round two has begun!

Oh, and because apparently no round two would be complete without one, I’ve managed to bring my flute back over with me [?!]. Yeah, you’re probably wondering how big (and over-stuffed) my suitcase must have been for my flute to be in it without me even knowing…but somehow, my suitcase is big enough, and it happened. This would be even more funny if I hadn’t spent an hour with my sister Kelly trying to unpack my 70 lb suitcase down to a fine-less 50 lbs yesterday morning (or would that be Thursday morning…?), and in the process of “Well, I guess I don’t need this shirt…” left 20 lbs of fluteless, awesome clothing on the floor of my room in California.

So yeah. That’s two equal portions of funny and fail. I guess, as my mom said, now I have my flute around, “should the mood ever take me”.

And for all of you who just went American Pie on me, I think she meant something along the lines of joining the orchestra.

Random! On the plane flight over, I had the glorious advantage of a personal TV on which to watch any of fifty or so provided movies.  About six hours into the flight, I happened on Vicky Cristina Barcelona – a Woody Allen film that, much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed! I saw Match Point with Sammi a few summers ago and after that one wasn’t much of a Woody Allen fan. VCB was much more fun, and made me want to go to Spain. Which, now that I’m in the UK again, is that much closer to a possibility!

Oh my gosh, being here…it is so amazing to FINALLY not be stressed about anything!

And on that thought, it’s time to revel.

Prince John Does It Better

So I don’t know about the rest of you US citizens, but I personally had never really encountered much use of the phrase “aha” as a form of laughter online. Since I’ve been over here though, I’ve seen it multiple times. And it cracks me up. You want to know why it cracks me up? Well, watch the following video (best example at 0:43) and you’ll hear what I hear every time an English person types “aha”.


(Moving on.)

I had two British English to American English mistranslations today. Number one would be when I got baffled at work when an amazing little old lady asked me if the guv’nah was in. I blinked at her and said, “Erm…would the…guv-ern-errrrr be the…manager?” And she just laughed at me and said yes. Oh man, I felt really ridiculous. Then hours later I listed off the dishes Maggie and I would be whipping up for our pseudo-Thanksgiving dinner and got a serious WTF from everyone when I said, “Ohhhh, and the biscuits will be AWESOME with gravy on them!” Here, for the record, the word biscuit is nearly synonymous with the word cookie. So to be fair, I’d be pretty WTF if you told me gravy would be AWESOME on my cookies. FAIL.

Anyway, everybody have a happy Thanksgiving, and hit this epic blog up sometime over the weekend – I promise, there will be pictures (and if I know my flatmates, stories to match) a plenty of the transatlantic-reppin’ revelry!

Death by stress

I am ten kinds of ready to leave now. I fear that if one more stressful thing happens (like, I don’t know, thinking that $2,000 suddenly disappeared from my student loan – or maybe, hmm, my student visa getting delayed) I might explode.

Exploding, for the record, is not a good thing. Especially when you’ve made it this far in one piece.

All I need to do is say goodbye to a handful of incredibly important people that I will miss and then I will be ready to go. Off to school, for the first time in nearly a year! Geez.

Oh, and, for the record, I’m going to see The Duchess next week. Which doesn’t come out in the US for another two weeks. =]



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