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‘Sup jig? Life with strep.

Monday morning, I experienced the previously unknown pleasure of waking up with strep throat.


Four days, endless penicillin/ibuprofen/paracetamol, and about fifty status updates later, I can kind of swallow in a relatively painless fashion. And I no longer look like my throat is covered in cottage cheese. Oh, I know you appreciate that visual. Just be glad you don’t have Zach Coventry living two doors down to commentate on it further…it’s not pretty. On that note, do your I know-you’re-mature-enough best to not take my streptococcal whining out of context.

So, as I was saying, I’ve never had strep throat before and I have to say I don’t think I ever realized how lucky I was. It is, seriously, the most disgusting and painful oral ordeal I have EVER suffered. And pretty much nobody over here had heard of it…let alone seen the disgusting manifestation of it (which, duh, I showed everybody. I thought we already covered the part where I’m awesome?). Go Google image some pictures of it. Shit is NASTY — and I have yet to find a picture that was as bad as mine. Oh yes, I know you wanted to know that. Otherwise, why would have already read a good 205 words on me and my strepness?

Anyway – while you’re on Google checking out the sickness that they should just rename CCT (cottage cheese throat), you should check this out. This, by the by, would be a link to the amazingness that is Google street view. And guess where that link will plop you right in front of? I’m thinking it might be in front of the little red-doored house I’ll be living in next year. WIN!

Google street view, like the whole concept of living independently next year, is literally ten kinds of amazing. There is something absolutely incredible about being able to basically walk up and down a street that you’ve never even been within 1,000 miles of. So yeah, if you click there, you can have a look around the neighborhood I’ll be living in next year. I feel slightly self-important posting that, but then again if you’re reading this, you’ve likely been reading (and hopefully clicking…?) ridiculous things on this blog for a while now, aaaand so I don’t really feel all that bad. Okay, done rambling.

A few weeks ago, kudos Laura Wells, I discovered the whole DVD-renting bit of the UEA Library. Besides only being able to rent movies overnight (due back by 10.15 the next morning = FAIL), it’s really handy. Recently I’ve gotten into the habbit of picking up a few movies on the way home from work, and yesterday I rented Enchanted. And if you haven’t seen Enchanted, oh my gosh. GISELLE! No, no, wait for it, wait for it…

Wow, AMAZING. Ahahaha….yes, I stole that picture straight off of a Facebook flair…but come on. James Marsden and his expression in that are just plain win. And yes, the entire point of that movie-renting tangent was to post that picture from Enchanted.

Unrelated to all of that silliness, we have how potentially awesome my month-long spring break could be. If everything works out, I’ll be heading up to York (Harrowgate, specifically) to visit Eleanor for about a week. And for those of you that don’t know, York is one of the primary locations for the fantastic novel that is The Sunne in Splendour, which is my favorite novel EVER. So that would be really, really, REALLY great. And then, even better, would be to jet from there to Paris to stay with Becks in her flat, a few blocks from Ladurée. Ladurée, by the by, is the confection/bakery that did all of the food for Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Example:

Aaaaan Becks wins.

Last thing I want to mention is that pretty soon here I get to sign up for classes for next term. I’m STOKED beyond STOKED because as of that end of this term, I’m done with all of my compulsory modules and now I get free range to choose from loads of really interesting courses that I want to take! As in, endless and endless amounts of creative writing! And, almost as good, a Shakespeare class with Peter Womack, who is an absolute legend, as a lecturer. Oh my goodness, all of that combined with independence might make me die a little.

Viva la awesome life!



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photo cred to myself and Maggie J. Moxie